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Preparing to Sell

We’ve Listed our Home with Pam and Bill Fisher…..


Pam and Bill:

We will take photographs of your home, input data on your property to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), install a lockbox and arrange for a For Sale sign – with your permission.  We will also prepare color brochures and may arrange for printing and mailing “New on the market” postcards.  Information on your listing will be input to our website and enhanced in www.Realtor.com.  It will be seen in many other real estate sites, providing pictures and detailed information on your home to prospective buyers across the nation and beyond.

We will have your home caravanned as soon as possible by local area agents from all real estate offices if a local caravan is available and appropriate.  We will provide agents with data sheets on your property and “pitch” your home at various real estate marketing meetings.  We will write ad copy and prepare it for submission to various media outlets as indicated; however, the internet is our primary advertising vehicle as this is where the overwhelming majority of buyers begin their search for a home.  Print advertising is not expected to bring a lot of activity.

Within a few days of listing, color brochures will be placed in your home for the benefit of prospective purchasers.  “Just Listed” postcards may be mailed to your neighbors, and flyers may be placed in a flyer box on your For Sale sign if permissible per local code.

Your property will be promoted continuously to other area agents.  We will update you regularly and pass on to you all showing comments from agents; and we will send you copies of any ads which have been run on your home.  When a showing sounds promising, we will follow up with the showing agent and do whatever we can to encourage a written offer.


Be sure you have your home staged for showing at all times (this can be very inconvenient, but it is important), and make it as accessible as possible.

Keep the color brochures in a conspicuous spot near the front door… and call us if you run low.  (We will try to stop by every few days to check your supply, to replenish the flyer box on the sign, and to pick up Realtor cards, although if there is a lockbox we will be notified electronically within a few days after a showing.)

When prospective buyers arrive with their agent, allow the agent to show your home and do not accompany your visitors as they tour the property.  If it is a nice day, it would be a good idea to step outside to the patio until they leave.

It is best that you are not home during a community Realtor caravan, as agents are more apt to linger in the house and take mental notes if they do not feel they are in the sellers’ way.

“Listen to the market” with us.  If homes in your neighborhood are moving slowly, we will have to be patient.  If, however, we don’t get showings in an active market, we are not positioned correctly and we should consider a change.  If we get showings in anymarket but no offer, chances are that our price may be too high, or the condition or accessibility of your home needs review.