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Close of Escrow

Approximately 3 – 5 days prior to closing, your buyers will have the right to do a final walk-through inspection with their agent.  This final walk-through is to satisfy the buyers that everything is as it was when they purchased your home and that any requested and agreed to repairs have been completed.

Several days before closing you should call the local utilities companies and various home services companies to arrange for the service to be taken out of your name on the closing day.  The buyer(s) will be calling the utilities as well to provide their contact information.  The gas and electricity and the water service should not be turned off, but transitioned from your name to the buyers’ name.

The new owners will be entitled to take over possession of your property once recording is confirmed, usually the same day as funding or the following day.  We will notify you as soon as we receive confirmation of recording from the escrow or title officer.  At that time, the buyers should be handed all available keys.  We will discuss with you ahead of time the best way to get the keys to the buyers, depending upon whether or not you have already moved and we are already in possession of the keys.

You should remember to call your homeowners’ insurance company to cancel your home insurance once escrow has closed.  You may be due a rebate for months paid for when you will not be the owner.

There is no formal “closing table” in Southern California, so you will not have to appear in person, but we will be keeping you informed throughout the entire transaction.

We will continue to be here for you in case of questions following the closing, and will continue to stay in touch thereafter.  Please call on us at any time.