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Moving In

You will have the opportunity for a final walk-through inspection of your new home approximately 3 – 5 days prior to closing.  This inspection is to verify that any repairs negotiated during the transaction that the seller agreed to make have been completed and that otherwise the property condition is unchanged from when made your offer.

Several days before closing you should call the local utilities company and various home services companies to arrange for service in your name.  We can help with some of the telephone numbers you will need.

Also a few days before closing you will be signing your loan documents and providing your escrow officer with a cashier’s check or wired funds for the balance of your down payment.  The escrow officer will advise you as to the exact amount of money that is needed to close the transaction as soon as he or she receives all the required cost details from your lender.

You will be entitled to access to your new home once recording is confirmed, usually the day following the funding of the loan – which will take place after you have signed your loan documents and provided escrow with your closing funds.  We will be notifying you as soon as we know the lender has funded your loan and then immediately upon our being advised that the property has recorded in your name.  You will not need to be present for the “closing,” which happens automatically in California.  There is no meeting that you will need to attend.

We will guide you through this process.  (Also see “Buying a Home in Southern California” in this website.)